Electric Dog Fence in Danbury, CT.

 Electric Dog Fence in Danbury, CT.



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Our Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the equipment last?"
Most of our customers use their equipment without any problems for years. Designed with dogs in mind, the equipment (transmitter, transformer, and receiver) is all solid-state construction and will endure years of normal wear and tear. If repairs are needed, they can be made quickly at no cost.

2. "Who is best qualified to train my pet?"

Animal Behaviorists feel very strongly that the owner(s) should train their pets, since the animal is most comfortable and relaxed with members living in the same house. Also, the liability to the homeowner is limited, in the event that the dog bites the company's trainer during a training session.

3. "Will the training be difficult for me?"
The training is easy, but very essential. By following the simple daily sound conditioning exercise as instructed (and as outlined in our Handbook), you can train nearly any dog.

4. "Does the correction hurt the dog?"
The Freedom Fence system is approved by SPCA's, humane societies and veterinarians nationwide, as a safe and humane solution to the everyday challenges of dog ownership. More than 1,000,000 dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages have come to stand behind proven pet containment systems such as Freedom Fence.

5. "Does the correction cause behavior problems ?

No, Freedom Fence conditioning techniques were developed with the aid of top veterinarians and dog behaviorists to ensure the system is safe. In fact, Freedom Fence owners tell us that their dogs seem happier and healthier on the Freedom Fence system. With the full run of the yard, the dogs are getting more exercise and more quality time with their owners.

6. "What does the correction feel like?"
The Freedom Fence system is not an electric fence. The receiver-collar emits a mild correction no stronger than a common household static charge. The correction is harmless, but one that the pet cannot ignore.

7. "Is the radio wire safe to put in yards with children?"
Yes! The wire carries a radio signal-not an electric current. Therefore, it is not harmful to children. The wire is designed to last many years underground and will not break by itself.

8. "Does the Freedom Fence system interfere with radios, TVs, garage, door openers, heart pacemakers or other pet containment systems?"
The Freedom Fence system is backed by years of technological development. It has been designed to avoid these problems by using a pulsed radio signal that prevents interference with other electronic devices.

9. "Does this product encourage dogs to go to the bathroom on their own properties?"
When pet owners take responsibility for containing their dogs on their own property, they must also take responsibility for their pet's complete care. Dogs can easily be trained to go in one area of a property.

10. "Can the Freedom Fence system confine dogs to a small area of a property?"
Yes, because the Freedom Fence system is a conditioning system, dogs can be trained to recognize any boundaries regardless of size. Dogs, like people, can learn to adapt to limited surroundings: however, we do recommend that pet owners provide a reasonable amount of room for sufficient play and exercise.

11. "Will the Freedom Fence system keep other dogs out of a "protected property""?
The Freedom Fence system is not designed for that purpose. Although we cannot guarantee that other dogs will stay away from yards with the Freedom Fence system, we believe each pet owner should take responsibility for his/her dogs.

12. "Is the Freedom Fence system less expensive than conventional fencing?"
Yes. Depending on the type of conventional fencing, the approximate cost savings can range anywhere from 50% to 75%.

13. "How can the Freedom Fence system change a dog's behavior after many years?"

The Freedom Fence system is not typical behavior training; it is proven classical conditioning that any dog will learn. The Freedom Fence system is successful with over 98% of dogs. The Freedom Fence system conditioning techniques were developed with the aid of top veterinarians and dog behaviorists to guarantee that the system is effective for dogs of every breed, size and age.

14. "Can the Freedom Fence receiver-collar be removed after the training sinks in?"
No, pet conditioning requires reinforcement. After removing the collar, the pet may stay contained, but may eventually challenge the Freedom Fence boundaries. To maintain this conditioning, we require keeping the receiver-collar on whenever the pet needs to be contained.

15. "If I have any questions about training, who would I call?"
Our Freedom Fence professional are all dog owners with considerable experience training dogs. We will always welcome your inquiries at our toll-free number, 888-497-4498